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ETASIS Electronics Corp. warrants that its power solutions will be free from defects in material and workmanship and carry 3 years limited parts and labor warranty as printed on the label of the product from the ETASIS factory.

Products defective within 3 months, counted from the date of shipment  of the product from the ETASIS factory, are defined as dead on arrival (DOA). ETASIS will arrange repair or replacement immediately and assume both ways of shipping cost. Customers must apply for a RMA number from their ETASIS sales contact.

Products defective after 3 months of shipment (but within 3 years) are deemed as in-warranty failure. Customers shall apply for a RMA number and ship the defective product(s) along with the ETASIS RMA Request Form within proper packaging in 30 days of application. 

How to apply for a RMA Number

a. Use email to apply for a ETASIS RMA number through an ETASIS sales contact.

b. Download  the "ETASIS RMA Request Form" (English) or "ETASIS RMA Request Form" (Traditional-Chinese)

c. Fill in the form with the contact information, model number, serial number and the failure description for each item and email the form back to the ETASIS sales contact.

d. The ETASIS sales contact will then confirm whether the product is within the warranty period and meets warranty requirements.

e. Subsequently the form will be signed and approved by ETASIS and a new RMA number will be generated and emailed back to the customer as reference along with any additional charges (if warranty is expired - see "RMA Repair Charges"). This authorises the customer to dispatch the faulty product back to ETASIS for repair or replacement.

f. Customers need to pay special attention to clearly mark the RMA number on the packaging carton of the RMA material. If the RMA number is not printed on the packaging carton, ETASIS holds the right to reject and return the entire consignment back to the customer.

Method of Transportation

Prior to dispatch of repair material to ETASIS, the customer must check the integrity of the packed material and clearly mark the ETASIS RMA number on the outside of the packaging. The customer must use a safe mode of freight transportation.


Each item should be packed well in the original or equivalent packaging material to minimise the chance of damage during transportation. ETASIS will not accept liability for any products damaged in transportation due to inadequate or insufficient packaging. Additionally, each RMA consignment sent must be accompanied with a packing list clearly illustrating the carton number (if multiple) and the contents inside of the carton.

RMA Repair Charges

a. Initially, before dispatch the customers should send an Invoice (preferably by email) to pay for customer clearance (if outside of Taiwan, R.O.C.). The amount charged will be notified to the customer at the same time the new RMA number is provided.

b. Please note that all RMA repair charges do not include freight costs.

c. On receipt of the RMA material, ETASIS RMA service department will determine the nature of the fault in each item and calculate the total repair charge, which will be updated on the RMA Request form. This form will be then sent back to the customer for approval.

d. Once given customer consent is given and repair charges are approved, ETASIS will then begin to repair/replace the faulty product(s).

e. Conditions for repairs charged:

i. In the event of NTF (No Trouble Found), ETASIS will service the item and the customer will not be charged.

ii. Based on the customer's choice to replace the housing and/or fan (as given the the RMA Request form) the same additional charges are applicable.

iii. In case of DOA (dead on arrival), if the item is within the DOA period, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

iv. In the case the product(s) is categeroized as out of warranty, ETASIS will charge repairs based on the following formula:

Total RMA
Repair charge
= Labor / Handling charge + Material Charge + Freight Charge 



"Material Charge" = spare parts list price

"Freight Charge" = freight transportation cost


Freight Charge Responsibility Table

Warranty Status Freight charge paid by,
From Customer to ETASIS From ETASIS to Customer
Within warranty Customer ETASIS
Out of warranty Customer Customer
1. If RMA repair charge exceeds the product cost, ETASIS shall request for customer consent to replace with a similar new product.
2. Subsequent repair of RMA material, the warranty of the components replaced will be extended by six months from the date of receipt.

RMA Servicing Terms

a. Normal turnaround time for RMA service is 14 business days (Excluding holidays). ETASIS may offer swap-out options with RMA pool (subject to availability).  After completions, ETASIS will pay for return shipment via UPS or Fedex Ground service.

b. If customer insists to replace the RMA material with new products delivery and cost details will be determined by your ETASIS sales contact.

c. ETASIS sales will initiate contact with customer under any special circumstances that may arise.


For addition RMA needs or questions, please contact ETASIS Sales


RMA Request Form (English)


RMA Request Form (Chinese)









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