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TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN - June 4, 2013 -  ETASIS Electronics Corporation has announced the latest addition to the ETASIS Common Redundant Power Supply (CRPS) series, the EFRP-P80A; a power supply designed for flexibly, optimal energy savings, and customizable depending on each client's need through AC/DC ETASIS DualMode or Cold Redundancy.

The EFRP-P80A, at 1U height with dimensions of 73.5mm (W) x 39mm (H) x 185mm (D), provides 800W output power and has a peak efficiency rate greater than 94% at 50% of total output. This power module also can operate on either 90VAC-264VAC or 192VDC-288VDC using the same universal input. ETASIS has included protections for output short-circuits, overload, over-voltage, over-temperature and input under-voltage as standard features.

Digitally monitoring and control can also be achieved through Power Bus Managmenet (PMBus) and can also be set to run in AC/DC ETASIS DualMode which allows both AC and DC input into the same system or in Cold Redundancy - a mode which provides even more energy savings compared to conventional redundant systems.

Cold Redundancy

In Cold Redundancy, energy efficiency is maximized in this "set-it-and-forget-it" feature. Each power module is able to communicate and start up or go into standby mode independently in order to achieve the highest energy efficiency. At low load, for example, it is more efficient for few power supplies to be active while the others in the system remain in standby. The unactivated power supplies will remain in standby mode or "cold" until it is optimal to do so or there is a failure of the active power supply.

"Our customers need simple, unique solutions", says ETASIS general manager, Jim Chen. "Cold Redundancy has an ease of use that brings actual savings and energy efficiency without having to do much."

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ETASIS Electronics Corporation is a professional, switching power supply manufacturer based in Taipei City, Taiwan since 1996. ETASIS specializes in the design and manufacturing of single, redundant, mini-redundant, 1+1 redundant, N+1 redundant, flex ATX, PS2, open frame, enclosed, AC/DC and DC/DC power solutions for server rack-mount and tower form factors and special IPC cases.

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