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Etasis Electronics Announces SMARTKIT®, powered by ETASIS PS2 Power Supply for Server Management Print E-mail

Taipei, Taiwan - August 09, 2010
– ETASIS ELECTRONICS, a leading technology owner of high performance switching power supplies, officially announces SMARTKIT, which is developed by ETASIS firmware engineering. It comes with fully compelling features that are compatible with PMBus standard, that satisfy the need for monitoring and preventing power supply from damaging and over-use on mission-critical servers and workstations.

A turnkey power solution

“This is a milestone of power supply engineering.” said Jim Chien, CEO of ETASIS. SMARTKIT is a 4-level integrated solution provides

The Remote Managed Power Supply for Blade Server Solution Print E-mail

ETASIS ELECTRONICS, a leading technology owner of high efficiency switching power supplies, officially announces EFRP-SA69, a power solution integrates high efficiency and PMBus into a 2.5U enclosure. This power supply comes with fully compelling features providing extremely high efficiency for high performance 7U or 10U blade server.

Remote Management

“We produce a digital power solution.” said Jim Chien, CEO of ETASIS. “EFRP-SA69 is the first off-the-shelf power solution supporting blade server design in the market. The IT professionals do care about what the power supplies are doing and need to control it as well.

World’s No. 2 Supercomputer is powered by ETASIS Print E-mail

ETASIS is proud to be Dawning’s strategic partner to provide 2KW power supply modules, EFRP-SB09, in building Nebulae TC3600 Supercomputer, which is ranked No. 2 in global TOP500 supercomputer list as of May, 2010.

Nebulae, which is located at the National Supercomputing Centre in Shenzhen, China, achieved 1.271 PFlop/s running the Linpack benchmark, which puts it in the No. 2 spot on the TOP500. More impressively, with its NVidia GPU accelerators, Nebulae achieved the highest ever theoretical peak capability of 2.98 petaflop/s.

With Nebulae’s power requirement of 2.55 megawatts, ETASIS has developed a high-performance and high-efficient redundant module, EFRP-SB09, to fulfill its need. If applies input voltage of 220VAC, EFRP-SB09 can achieve total output power of 2000 watts with two output power ratings listed as 166.6A at 12V, and 4A at 12VSB. Furthermore, with active power factor correction and soft-switching, the power module can achieve maximum efficiency of 86%. Compared to typical efficiency of 75%, EFRP-SB09 can save up to $21,000 USD per month.

ETASIS ELECTRONICS is now a PMBus adopter Print E-mail



ETASIS ELECTRONICS has signed PMBus adopter agreement and became a full member of the Power Management Bus Implementers Forum (PMBus-IF).
Under System Management Interface Forum (SMIF), the PMBus protocol was defined by a coalition of leading power supply and semiconductor manufactures that recognized lack of standards for all-digital power management solution. With more than 38 adopters, PMBus is rapidly gaining industry acceptance.
PMBus is an open-standard digital power management protocol that fully defines transport and physical interface, and command language needed for communicating with power converters and other devices. It is derived from System Management Bus (SMBus), which is a refined version of industry-standard I2C bus with added host notification features. The rich command sets of PMBus protocol enables system integrator to implement scheme easily, and change operating parameters at any point during product’s life cycle to accommodate engineering changes. Thus, PMBus offers cost-effective and real-time power management solution.
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